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Carolyn Kephart may not be a great name in fantasy, but she should be!"  ~Dark Moon Rising Magazine

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The Kind Gods: Did the old gods really die? A warrior seeks answers at the burial-mound of his greatest enemy in this Norse-themed elegy first published in Bewildering Stories.

Last Laughter: A cautionary tale about a wicked court jester and his comeuppance, first published in Silver Blade Fantasy Quarterly.

Regenerated: Cela always hoped she'd meet Jorgen again someday...but was this really Jorgen? A tenderly bitter tale of love and giant lizards, first published in Quantum Muse.

The Heart's Desire: A government scryer's life is a prison until she discovers the ultimate secret language. Near-future science fiction/slipstream.

Everafter Acres: Happily ever after isn't always perfect, but dark knights can be illuminating. An autumnal, wistful, and wry fairy tale, first published in Luna Station Quarterly.

The above stories comprise the collection
PenTangle: Five Pointed Fables,
available at most online booksellers via Smashwords.


Carolyn Kephart, 2020